Who we are:

We are here to assist in Anti-Human trafficking around the world. We were founded in 2020. We are a Christian organization that believes that our purpose in this life is to help others and further the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Mission Statement:

It is the purpose of this organization being the “Value of One” to fight human trafficking in all forms. We believe every human life is a gift from God and has more value than all the money in the world. We believe that one person’s life and freedom is very sacred and we will go to great lengths to see those victims rescued. We also believe that the individual’s value does not stop at their liberation. The value that this one individual can play in the world is of upmost importance. The most important value is the soul of that one person. For what does it profit a man or women to gain the whole world and lose their own soul Mark 8:36. We believe in the value of one soul being saved by our savior Jesus Christ. For it is the same love that Jesus saves one soul that motivates us to have this mission and to spread it to the world.


Operations Plan:

Our Operation plan is to establish working relationships with countries throughout the world and educate society on the cause, affects and identification of human trafficking at home and abroad. The overall purpose is to eradicate human trafficking.

In most cases society is unaware of the danger human trafficking presents. We value the opportunities that are presented to us to educate the public on the effects of human trafficking. We are able to do this by going into churches, schools and businesses that allow us to come in and present the facts and material we have gathered and collected.

We accomplish our mission by providing adequate training to law enforcement in the countries we are in. This will assist in the ability to accurately conduct human trafficking investigations to locate and eventually rescue the victims. We want to offer the police updated training in tactics, investigations and evidence collection.

We plan to accomplish relationships with the countries through several different avenues. We want to use previously established missionaries in the country of question. We are partnering with other Anti Human Trafficking organizations that have already established a presence and gained the trust of the countries governments.

In countries where there is no established relationship we will still conduct anti-human trafficking efforts when necessary. We do this by working with police, prosecutors and other established nonprofits. We also have our own rescue team of highly trained professionals that will assist in conducting the direct contact rescues when needed.

After rescues are made we then begin the healing process with the victims. We take the victims to a safe location pre-established before the rescue. This is where the victims are provided with medical, psychological, educational and spiritual guidance to help them heal. Many of the victims were taken at a young age and require either continued primary education or technical skills to help them survive once they are able to go back to a normal life in society.



Our goal is to raise funds to support anti-human trafficking efforts. Through fundraising, donations, grants and partnerships, we plan to support ourselves and grow the anti-human trafficking movement.



Value of One is overseen by a board of directors. The board of directors (BOD) work tirelessly helping and giving their time and efforts to see our missions completed. The BOD consist of seven members from the community with a heart to see human trafficking eradicated from this world and to show the love of Christ to all.


Rescue Team Members:

All of our rescue team members here at the Value of One are well trained and highly motivated. They all come with either a Law Enforcement, Military or Professional Security back ground. All team members are well versed in their former fields and have been through extensive training after coming on board with the Value of One. We do this training to promote a mastery of skills needed in the anti-human trafficking efforts. This allows our team members to work proficiently in the field when called upon.